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BSM Connection® for Ophthalmology makes it easy to learn from an impressive group of health care consultants. BSM Connection provides easy access to an extensive library of articles. New articles – covering a wide variety of pertinent and timely topics – are added and featured regularly on the website. We encourage you to download any of the articles you find of interest and share them with staff members and colleagues.

The BSM Connection article library covers the following subject matter:

Financial Management

Accounting and financial management, practice valuation, and ambulatory surgery center (ASC) financial management. Here is a look at some sample articles.

  • 5 Simple Changes: How to Make Your Profit and Loss Statement More Meaningful
  • Benchmarking for Retina Practices
  • Measuring Physician Productivity
  • Improving Your ASC Profitability
  • The ABCs of Financial Benchmarking for ASCs
  • Use Staffing Dashboard Reports to Help Maximize Operational Efficiency
  • Strategic Opportunity: Take Time to Create an Overall Practice Compensation Philosophy
  • It's Worth It: Simple Steps ANY Practice Can Use to Create an Effective Budget
  • Benchmarking: Can the Numbers Lead You Astray?

Human Resources

Recruitment, job descriptions, work performance reviews, operations, professional development, and staff training. Here is a look at some sample articles.

  • Customer Service: Take a Page From the Hospitality Industry
  • Here They Come: Successfully Managing Millennials in Your Practice
  • Compliance When Interviewing: Reduce Your Risk for Penalties
  • Specialization: New Employees for New Markets
  • Interview Questions: Be Careful What You Ask
  • You're Hired: Successfully Adding Team Members
  • Reading – and Heeding – Caution Signals During the Interview Process
  • Reviews and Raises: Be Careful of Your Message


    Provider recruitment and provider compensation. Here is a look at some sample articles.

    • A Checklist of Employment and Partnership Contract Issues
    • Adding a Physician: Paying Attention to the Details
    • All Aboard: Systematically Onboarding a New Physician
    • Compensation: What Should a New Associate be Paid?
    • A Guide to Optometric Incentive Programs in Ophthalmic Practices
    • Fair Compensation: The Six Methods of Partner Income Distribution

    Clinical Operations

    Compliance, scheduling flow and efficiency, customer service, glaucoma, and practice management software. Here is a look at some sample articles.

    • Flow and Efficiency in an Electronic Health Records Environment
    • Need to Know: Five Important HIPAA/HITECH Regulations Changes
    • Soft Skills for Technicians: How to Provide Excellent Diagnostic Customer Service
    • It's About Time: Plan to Solve Efficiency Issues and Boost Practice Reputation
    • Build a More Efficient Schedule
    • Organizing Staff to Improve Efficiency
    • How Defining Your Doctor's Work-flow Style Can Help Protect Practice Cash Flow

    Business Planning

    Facility planning and development, practice acquisition, payer relations, and strategic planning. Here is a look at some sample articles.

    • Early Adopters: Successfully Implementing Change
    • Strategic Partners: Everyone Needs to Understand the Strategic Process
    • Grow or Slow: How Much Growth Can My Current Facility Accommodate?
    • Healthcare Reform: Does it Really Matter?
    • To Merge or Not to Merge: Is Solo Practice Still a Viable Option?
    • Team Building: Involve Staff in Design Process When Renovating or Relocating
    • Trading Spaces - Renovate, Relocate or Do Nothing?


    Marketing strategies, internal marketing, external marketing, and online marketing. Here is a look at some sample articles.

    • Conducting a Market Assessment Leads to Better Planning
    • What's in a Name? Do You Have a Strong Branding Strategy?
    • Knock-Knock: How to Enter the Social Media Sphere With Confidence
    • Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Build an Online Brand
    • Talk the Talk: Effective Speech-Making for Physicians
    • Using Social Networking to Grow Your Patient Database

    Optical Services

    Reimbursement, optical incentives, and benchmarking. Here is a look at some sample articles.

    • It Takes More Than Optical Talent: Traits for Today's Effective Optical Managers
    • Optical Sales Strategies for Today's Economy
    • Inventory Management: A Key Component to Achieving a Successful and Profitable Dispensary
    • Optical Incentives: Practices See "Winning" Results
    • Road Map to Success: Growing Optical in an Uncertain Economy
    • A Tale of Two Opticals: Revitalizing Your Optical Dispensary


    Billing issues, annual updates, and coding issues. Here is a look at some sample articles.

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