Clinical Operations Overview

Optimal practice profitability and success is achieved when the time and expertise of providers and staff members are used wisely. Inefficiencies commonly arise from scheduling delays, poor work flow, awkward work processes, and the cumulative effects of bad habits. These inefficiencies are not simply inconvenient; the practice loses money every day. Over the years, BSM Consulting's seasoned, experienced consultants have created a variety of proven tools and resources capable of helping practices solve their clinical-operation challenges.

Examples of tools and resources found in this section include:

Electronic Medical Records

The adoption of EMR requires a great deal of time and energy to properly research software that will interface with the practice's current and future needs. Once the decision is made to implement EMR, the selection and implementation process can be a daunting task, one that will require team effort to ensure success. The tools provided in this section have been designed to assist medical practices in the evaluation, selection, and implementation of electronic medical records.

Patient Flow and Efficiency

Included in this section are flow and efficiency "red flags" and benchmarks to assist you in diagnosing and solving any potential flow and efficiency problems.

  • Flow and Efficiency Red Flags
  • Flow and Efficiency Benchmarks
  • Flow and Efficiency Benchmarks for Cataract Patients


Various tools and resources are included in this section to help you assess your current schedule and determine if changes should be made.

  • Scheduling Methods
  • Scheduling Assessment and Tips for Success
  • Top 10 List of Scheduling Tips

Patient Education

An informed patient is an involved patient. Developing and incorporating a purposeful, comprehensive patient education program designed to enlighten patients about their medical care is a cornerstone of most successful practices. Included in this section is a series of one-page articles that cover a variety of topics and can be used to several ways to educate patients. Topics include: cataract, dry eye, general eye care, glaucoma, pediatrics, refractive surgery, and retina.

Patient Correspondence

Professional correspondence with patients plays an important role in patient satisfaction and retention. Customize the documents in this section to ensure you are representing yourself and your practice in the most professional manner. Helpful documents include:

  • Appointment letters
  • Glaucoma patient letters
  • Doctor transition letters
  • Termination of care letters

Patient Forms

Organization of patient information and appropriate documentation of care is critical to practice clinical operations. In this section, we have included several forms to assist in this regard. We will continue to add new forms to this section and expand or library of resources in the future. Most forms have been created in Microsoft® Word and can be easily customized. We recommend you have the physician(s) review these forms and modify as deemed necessary, before implementing the use in the practice.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

This tool allows you to efficiently measure patient satisfaction and solicit feedback on individual providers within the practice. Take advantage of two unique survey tools:

  • DIY Patient Satisfaction Surveys. The paper Patient Satisfaction Survey Tool allows you to efficiently measure patient satisfaction and solicit feedback on individual providers within the practice.
  • Online Patient Satisfaction Surveys. BSM Consulting has been conducting patient satisfaction surveys for 15+ years, and has developed an easy-to-use platform to assist you in the regular collection and assessment of patient satisfaction data for your clinic, optical, ASC, and/or hearing center. Learn more about this exciting offering here.

Staff Training

In order to facilitate effective patient communication and ensure staff members are knowledgeable on eye conditions and related treatment options, we recommend you share the resources in this section to educate your staff. Resources include:

  • Cataract Evaluations and Surgery
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Dry Eye Syndrome

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