Human Resources Overview

Human resource department personnel carry out responsibilities in a wide variety of functional areas: departmental development, human resource information systems, employee relations, training and development, benefits, compensation, organizational development, and employment. Critical to the success of any practice in today’s dynamic employment landscape, HR actions ensure that all employees fulfill their roles in in line with a practice's overall vision and relevant employment labor laws. This section includes information on human resources as an essential aspect of operations from recruitment through incentive plans and contracting. All tools and resources in this section are included with your annual membership to BSM Connection®.

Examples of tools and resources found in this section include:

Training Guides

Provide easy access to essential subjects in H/R.

  • Selecting a New Employee
  • Job Descriptions and Performance Evaluations

Employee Handbook

This manual can be easily customized to include policies specific to your practice.

Recruitment and Orientation Tools

The recruitment process requires acquisition and retention of appropriate information to ensure consistency and efficiency in selection and compliance with employment law. The resources in this section are designed to assist in obtaining and organizing critical job applicant information.

  • Recruitment Tools
  • Sample Correspondence
  • Orientation Tools

Staff Models

The resources developed for this section are designed to help physician owners and management assess current staffing levels and predict future staffing requirements for the practice based on patient volume.

Personnel Forms and Tools

Effective staff management requires use of consistent H/R tools and organization of personnel data. The materials in this section are designed to assist in establishing appropriate protocols and personnel record-keeping.

  • General Forms
  • Evaluation/Termination Forms
  • The Five-Step Management System
  • Practice Administrator Integration

Job Descriptions

This section provides a sample of job descriptions pertaining to jobs commonly found in most medical practices. Departments include:

  • Administration
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Back Office
  • Front Office
  • Optical/Optometry
  • Refractive Surgery

Staff Survey Tools

The morale and job satisfaction of practice staff are critical components of practice success. This survey tools is designed to assess staff member satisfaction related to tasks and responsibilities, compensation and benefits, relationships with supervisor, and the perceptions of the practice as a whole. Practice results are compiled and compared to our database derived from survey results of hundreds of other practices from across the nation. These comparisons can effectively identify strengths and weaknesses of the practice's relationship with its staff members.

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