Marketing & Online Presence Overview

Marketing is a process that 1) combines research to identify needs in your practice community, 2) defines ways to meet those needs and deliver a quality product effectively and profitably, and 3) implements proven communication techniques to make people aware of your offering. In order to be successful in today's highly competitive environment, it is crucial for you to have a well-defined marketing strategy and plan which differentiates your practice from the competition, allowing you to secure dominance in the marketplace. This section delivers information on marketing strategies from plan development to implementation. All tools and resources in this section are included with your annual membership to BSM Connection®.

Examples of tools and resources found in this section include:

Marketing Plan

Developing and monitoring a marketing plan is an ongoing process.

  • Developing a Marketing Plan
  • Implementation Plan
  • Marketing Budget
  • Tools and Resources

Tracking Reports

The tracking tools in this section will help you track pertinent information to determine the response rate for each of your marketing activities.

  • Telephone Lead Tracking
  • Cost per Lead Analysis

Internal Marketing

Many ophthalmology practices rely on word-of-mouth to bring new patients into the practice. As such, it is important to focus attention on your internal marketing efforts. This section provides various tools and resources related to internal marketing strategies.

  • Patient Recall and Screening
  • Sample Patient Correspondence
  • Support Groups and Seminars

External Marketing

Tools in this section are designed to help you execute external marketing through direct mail, sample ads, and radio advertising.

Online Marketing

When considering marketing initiatives, the more traditional methods of internal and external marketing often come to mind. However, with today's enhanced technologies, many practices are beginning to turn their attention to the world of online marketing. The complexity and interconnectivity of the online arena combines with the numerous options to engaging current and potential patients, makes for a sometimes daunting, but exciting, array of marketing possibilities.

  • Local Search Marketing Basics
  • Standard Information Form for Practices and Providers
  • Social Media Communication Strategies
  • Guide to Reputation Management
  • Inspiration for Your Next Social Media Update

Practice Websites

Incorporating a dynamic, professional website that accurately portrays your practice, services, and professional qualifications is a key component of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

  • Training Guide: The Basics of Web Design
  • Training Guide: Selecting a Search Engine Optimization Firm
  • Training Guide: Selecting a Website Developer
  • Website Design Questionnaire
  • Review of an Existing Website
  • Consumer Website Survey

Patient Newsletters

This hands-on module walks through the steps of producing a high-quality, professional newsletter.

  • Step 1: Review Training Guides
  • Step 2: Gather Content - Articles
  • Step 3: Fill-in Additional Content
  • Step 4: Select a Newsletter Template
  • Step 5: Get More Information with Related Resources

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