Practice Management Overview

With more than 35 years of health care experience, BSM Consulting helps its clients navigate the financial, operational, and strategic challenges of a demanding and shifting marketplace. BSM’s knowledgeable consultants partner with you to help you solve your practice management challenges, so you can get back to the business of patient care.

With that in mind, BSM Consulting has produced BSM Connection®, a fee-based, practice management website that provides innovative and informative business solutions to the eye care community. With a click of a mouse, subscribers can access a robust offering of online tools and practice management resources, including 110 online distance learning courses for every member of your staff.

BSM Connection® supplies the essential knowledge in the areas most important to business management. The subscription-based offering includes a vast array of tutorials, analyzers, templates, reports, surveys, and other meaningful tools in its more than 600 useful tools and resources.

Specifically, BSM Connection® provides experienced-based, in-depth practice management insight in:

Provider Recruitment

At some point, almost every practice confronts the need to add a new associate. In some cases, additions are prompted by the need to add a new associate. In some cases, additions are prompted by the need to increase capacity to match patient demand. In other cases, recruitment occurs in anticipation of a current physician's slow-down or retirement. Success in physician recruitment involves a challenging combination of objective and subjective factors.

Regulatory and Compliance

Today's complex and challenging health care environment requires that physicians and practices pay particularly close attention to an ever-evolving compilation of regulatory and compliance issues and regulations. The practice of medicine has changed dramatically over the past few years and that trend is not likely to stop – or even slow – in the coming years.

    Staff Training

    Implementing and maintaining an effective employee training program will create a better work environment for all team members, thus improving your practice's retention rate and allowing you to recruit the best possible candidates. Most importantly, it will have a direct impact on the quality of care delivered to your patients. Ongoing and consistent continuing education efforts are proven to help improve staff morale, motivate employees, and create a higher degree of job satisfaction.

    Financial Management

    In today’s health care environment, physicians and their administrative staff will, by necessity, have to be in a much better position to manipulate and manage the financial aspects of a medical practice. Lower levels of fee-for-service reimbursement, as well as the growth of capitated payment mechanisms, will place a great deal of pressure on medical practitioners to manage their financial resources more efficiently.

    Clinical Operations

    Optimal practice profitability and success is achieved when the time and expertise of providers and staff members are used wisely. Inefficiencies commonly arise from scheduling delays, poor work flow, awkward work processes, and the cumulative effects of bad habits. These inefficiencies are not simply inconvenient; the practice loses money every day.

    Human Resources

    Human resource department personnel carry out responsibilities in a wide variety of functional areas: departmental development, human resource information systems, employee relations, training and development, benefits, compensation, organizational development, and employment. Critical to the success of any practice in today’s dynamic employment landscape, HR actions ensure that all employees fulfill their roles in in line with a practice's overall vision and relevant employment labor laws.

    Marketing and Online Presence

    Marketing is a process that 1) combines research to identify needs in your practice community 2) defines ways to meet those needs and deliver a quality product effectively and profitably, and 3) implements proven communication techniques to make people aware of your offering. In order to be successful in today’s highly competitive environment, it is crucial for you to have a well-defined marketing strategy and plan which differentiates your practice from the competition, allowing you to secure dominance in the marketplace.

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