Provider Recruitment Overview

At some point, almost every practice confronts the need to add a new associate. In some cases, additions are prompted by the need to increase capacity to match patient demand. In other cases, recruitment occurs in anticipation of a current physician's slow-down or retirement. Success in physician recruitment involves a challenging combination of objective and subjective factors. Results cannot be guaranteed and each practice will find its recruitment experience varied between successes and disappointments. Nonetheless, the effort put into recruitment and recruitment success tend to be directly related. Although exhaustive effort will not guarantee a perfect associate, indifference to recruitment is likely to increase the prospects for disappointment. The physician recruitment process should be seen as a priority within the practice, helping to increase the odds of finding the right person for the right job. At the same time, the complexity of physician employment issues requires use of qualified advisors, ensuring that technical details are covered as well. All tools and resources in this section are included with your annual membership to BSM Connection®.

Examples of tools and resources found in this section include:

Training Guide

The Provider Recruitment and Contracting Training Guide is designed to provide essential information in regard to assessing the feasibility of adding a new associate, recruiting a new physician, structuring the employment agreement, and anticipating potential co-ownership. This information should serve as a starting point in considerations. As with any matter having significant financial and legal implications, the practice accountant and attorney should be intimately involved in the process.

Feasibility Assessment Tools

Accurately assessing whether to bring on a new provider is essential for all parties. This section includes two proven tools to help in that regard.

  • New Provider Break-Even Analyzer Tool: Prior to initiating provider recruitment activities, one must determine whether it is viable to bring on a new associate. This tool will help assess the economic feasibility of adding a new associate to the practice.
  • Questions to Consider in Determining the Viability of Adding a New Provider: In addition to assessing quantitative issues, the practice and potential candidate should both consider qualitative matters regarding the decision to add a new associate or join a practice. This checklist provides a series of questions to consider related to practice viability, personal matters for the candidate and their family, and intangible considerations such as compatibility issues.

Recruitment Tools

BSM consultants have compiled a number of essential and proven tools and resources that can help practices with the recruitment process.

  • Provider Recruitment Checklist
  • Provider Recruitment Resources
  • Sample Provider Recruitment Ads
  • Interview Questions and Reference Verification Form

Contract Details

Tools and resources in this section will assist you in preparing a confidentiality agreement, employment agreement, and letter of understanding. This section includes:

  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Questions to Consider in Preparing the Employment Agreement
  • Contract Norms
  • Contract Review Worksheet
  • Letter of Understanding

Transition Details

The Physician Integration Checklist provides a comprehensive list of action items and timelines to successfully bring the new provider on board.

Related Materials

A variety of articles covering important and timely provider recruitment issues are available in this section.

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