Staff Training Overview

Implementing and maintaining an effective employee training program will create a better work environment for all team members, thus improving your practice's retention rate and allowing you to recruit the best possible candidates. Most importantly, it will have a direct impact on the quality of care delivered to your patients. Ongoing and consistent continuing education efforts are proven to help improve staff morale, motivate employees, and create a higher degree of job satisfaction. In addition, employees can be groomed for other positions within the practice, providing them an opportunity for advancement and personal growth. This section includes information on staff training as an essential aspect of operations from development plans through distance learning and professional certification. All tools and resources in this section are included with your annual membership to BSM Connection®.

Examples of tools and resources found in this section include:

Sample Staff Training and Development Plans

Customized, individual training plans are essential to successful employee development. Just as every position should have an accurate job description, every employee should have a detailed training and development plan that motivates and challenges them to reach their full potential. Included in this section are training plans for various staff positions, as well as sample development plans which can be easily customized for employees.

  • Sample Training Plans: The training plan templates provided below include a listing of BSM Connection® Distance Learning courses recommended for various positions in the practice. The documents can be easily customized to include additional training programs the practice recommends.
    • Administrators/Manager
    • Business Office Personnel
    • New Employee Orientation
    • Opticians
    • Technicians
  • Sample Employee Development Plans: These training plans are designed to create a "pathway" for employees to learn the skills required for a future position in the practice. The templates include sample goals and training activities and can be easily customized to reflect specific requirements for the position.
    • Receptionist to Certified Patient Service Specialist (CPSS)
    • Receptionist to Front Desk Supervisor
    • Billing Clerk to Billing Supervisor
    • Scribe/Medical Assistant to COA
    • COA to COT
    • COT to COMT

Staff Training Resources

This diverse, unique package of training tools and resources is designed to make staff training a powerful and fun endeavor that maximizes learning and minimizes administrative effort. Training resources range from lunch-and-learn courses and PowerPoint presentations on a variety of topics, to interactive exercises for all employees.

  • Lunch and Learn Series (A step-by-step Facilitator's Guide is included)
  • Staff Training PowerPoint Presentations
  • Training Exercises and Games

Distance Learning Program

This in-depth offering of online continuing education programs is available for all staff as part of your membership. Many accredited courses are available (including JCAHPO, ABO/NCLE, CPSS, and COE) which provide students the ability to obtain continuing education credits to meet certification or licensure requirements. A comprehensive Manager's Toolkit provides you with all the features and reports to manage your distance learning program.

Certification Information and Resources

We recognize the need of many students to complete continuing education units in order to maintain their certification. As such, BSM Consulting has worked with key accrediting bodies to obtain accreditation for all courses available for technicians, opticians, practice administrators and managers, and nonclinical personnel. CE credits are available for students who complete these courses by the following accrediting bodies: JCAHPO, ABO/NCLE, NBCOE, and CPSS.

Webinars and Online Tutorials

This section contains a growing number of informative and timely webinars and tutorials related to staff training and certification. Highlighting this offering is a webinar detailing the Certified Patient Service Specialist (CPSS) program, which affords national certification recognition to a wide variety of ophthalmic staff members.

Related Materials

A variety of articles covering important and timely staff training topics are available in this section. Articles can be downloaded and shared with appropriate staff members, physicians, and management.

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